Thursday, May 28, 2009

I am not what I will become

Years of exposure to Tyler Durden & actually believing in a minimalistic approach to things, doesnt really leave me with much choice but to see the merits of Tyler's words. I first believed that it was cynicism at a whole new level, but then I realized it was just anxiety that made his words resonate louder than ever.

With the arrogance of generalizing my assumptions, I believe that people "in general" are afraid of the future. They cant digest the uncertainty, or can partially manage to digest this uncertainty by using mechanisms like evasion, ignorance, self-deception, projection & the most dangerous; elimination. Evasion sets many people apart, they believe that the future is uncertain anyway, so why bother! Ignorance will mostly constitute of those people who have gone beyond evasion, they totally decide to ignore whats coming & fail to be ready. Self-deception involves a very close tryst with trying to convince ourselves that we know what the future holds & then make decisions based on these assumptions. People projecting discount various scenarios based on the probability of their occurrence. Eliminators believe that there is NO UNCERTAINTY.

I have been playing this game for a very short time now, I have seen the ropes just yet, grabbing them is a totally different story. Yesterday morning I heard a song by Kaiser Chiefs called Ruby, which has these lines:

"Due to lack of interest,
Tomorrow is canceled."

I dont know which category this lethargy belongs to, but I believe that this could be an amazing way to look at the future & the uncertainties lying ahead. Eventually I need to get used to the fact that 'Right now, I am not what I am going to become'. Its fun to extrapolate our current life & drag it ten years ahead & dream of an ultra comfortable scenario, but reality has its own way of catching up. I dont think what Kaiser Chiefs said should be taken literally. It should be read with a close watch on what assumptions can be made under that context & we should read between the lines. I prefer this version, The future is uncertain alright, I have seen a dream alright, can this dream be realized, no idea, but should it stop me from doing what I really want to do? If I am on a trajectory towards what I want to become, then whatever I do now should be in tandem with that becoming. So what the Chiefs are trying to say behind the slashing guitar would be, am I doing what I want to do now to become what I want to be tomorrow? How? Well its easy, if tomorrow would be canceled would I stall & not live today? I know, metaphysical, it is to some extent, but I have the luxury of disproving what I believe in. :D

Song for the moment: Ruby - Kaiser Chiefs


yashada said...

"Due to lack of interest,
Tomorrow is canceled."

"Its fun to extrapolate our current life & drag it ten years ahead & dream of an ultra comfortable scenario, but reality has its own way of catching up."

Brought a smile to my face :)

El Mariachi said...

I liked the last 3-4 lines especially. Did not understand them instantly though. I Need to think about them properly.