Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Blending Perceptions

I consider this as one of my greatest gifts, if there is such a thing, that nature might have bestowed upon me. Which is the ability to document my own thoughts as they change. I know this is a fairly common gift which all people have, but "mera vala laal" (my kind of red) is also another gift.

I have been devouring on books, films & conversations for a long time now, trying to figure how the world works. I am not even close to saying that I understand how the world works, & I wouldn't want to know how it works. But I have experienced a wide ranging feeling all these years throughout all these experiences. I have seen how my own perceptions towards these experiences have changed over time, parallel to my life experiences. This was very odd to document, since there is no tangible anchor to say that I felt "X" in this year & now I feel "Y" in that year. At first I believed this to be a form of confirmation bias, where I was deliberately trying to figure a connection by attributing my experiences alongside it. But I might have been mistaken. This was a change in perceptions. If change in perceptions is misleading, it can be very easily said to be a change in observation.

In any experience it is important to know what to observe. Since what I will observe will determine what I will comprehend from it. This is not as easy as it sounds. There is always a subtext to every experience which I was missing invariably. But as life experience caught on, I realized that I was discounting this life experience to figure out what I ought to observe & became a better observer. This is still a skill in development. Observing this habit taught me a very important lesson which I want to translate into my work as an Analyst. Experience teaches which parameters to focus on. Once these parameters come in my cross-hair all I need to understand is how much weight I need to assign to each of them in every situation.

One example on the top of my mind is when I watched the film Godfather III recently. I knew even before I decided to watch the film, what I was supposed to expect from it. There was at least a gap of 4 years between the prequels & this film. 4 years back, I can vaguely remember, it was all about crime, action, deceit, acting. Now while watching this film, I could feel myself relate to artcharacter, family values & relationships. This isnt a momentous improvement, but I figured how I had missed these parameters which were already present in these films which were unlocked after my 4 years of film viewing & life experience.

This usually sounds like an experiment in hindsight but it in fact it is an experiment in hindsight. I was amazed when both these memories of parameters were accessible to me, parallel to each other, which I must say, enriched my film viewing experience. Translate that to observing these nouveau parameters in my work I might know how better to leverage my knowledge from whatever I have done before. This isnt an unlocking of potential as such, but this is a delayed realization to what I have subconciously been upto.

It has always been fun to discount such new realizations in my present purview of thoughts. It helps me realize the importance of otherwise seemingly futile actions which might add to my pool of analyses. Looking at businesses from "X" perspective will allow me to observe only those parameters which will affect that perspective, maybe a more conscious effort to bring in all the perspectives available, will help me look at the same business with different assumptions/facts/ideas & opinions.

To be observed....

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