Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why Love, My love

He said, "Every great romance involves a monumental struggle to find the proof of love."
"What??", she exclaimed.

"Yes, I honestly believe that love isnt something for the weak hearted, only the one's who could endure the struggle & stand tall till the end, find each other at the end." he said with a cautious approach.

"Ya, I think I agree, but why 'every romance', arent there exceptions?" she asked with a quizzical movement of her eyebrows.

He retorted instantly in one breath, "I dont know, but it seems every person ever have been involved in even the slightest hint of a romance, shows depths of maturity which only a lifetime worth of experience can bring."

"aah, thats unfair, my neighbour's dog also shows depths of character without having been in a romance with another woman of its kind." she mocked him, but very carefully as to not hurt his feelings & also poke some fun at him.

"Who said that the romance has to be with someone else?" he asked in a deep philosophical huskiness in his voice only championed by Gandalf.

"aaah, oooh, self love you mean to say!", she added playfully, poorly imitating his manner of speech. She had begun to realize his point, he could tell. One way or another, she was supposed to understand that love, is afterall just a word used to conveniently explain a feeling which no one is even capable of understanding in its entire form.

"Yes, but I wouldnt call it love. Love is too shallow a word for such a beautiful feeling. 'Romance'", his eyes gleamed with a mysterious sparkle, tracing the edges of the constellations when he stared up into the sky.

"Do you really think that you will be capable of allowing anyone else to be romantically involved with you, if you dont believe it yourself?"

"haaaan!!!" she exclaimed with all the confusion she had ever felt.
"Wait, wait, wait, slow down a bit", she added wiping the confusion off her mind.

"I love myself, so I believe that other people can love me too?" she asked, clarifying his idea.

"Doesnt it sound like cheating on yourself?" she made her point, just to watch his face squirm.

She giggled losing all control of her facial muscles, but not at his ingeniously obvious realization, but at the idea that he was so passionate about it.


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