Monday, July 03, 2006

Deformed Reality or Reformed Consciousness

After watching Superman Returns last night, I bowed with respect in front of Bryan Singer to bring the most supercharged hero of all times alive again. After the promise for Superman III, 26 years ago, & after enjoying Christopher Reeves as Superman, I was thrilled to see this rejuvenated version. Doesn't Brandon Routh seem too perfect to play Superman ??? Although highly entertaining as it was & I enjoyed it just like an 8 year old, I felt I could relate to it in someway. After all, all the comics that I used to read back then as a kid, paid off somewhere in form of a passion to see the modern Superman wearing blue spandex & flying all over the place once again.

As a matter of fact, the past 24 hrs have been the most exciting ones of my life. Now I know how it feels to be a Graduate. I passed with satisfactory grades & finally got out of the 3 year grind. Its just a matter of time that I would get the marksheet & the convocation & be branded as a graduate. The experience was enthralling. It was 1300 hrs, a friend called me up & said that the result was out. I called another friend & the news spread like wild fire. I checked on the Mumbai University website & as usual those numb nuts cannot handle a damn server & they have 4 graduate courses in computers. But thats a different story. So there i was, fondling to find the link which would display my result & I paused for a moment, I noticed my heart was beating abnormally. It was the first time throughout my graduation I sweat before I saw my result. Maybe it was the fear of failure or I was being paranoid fish. Ever seen fish in a fish tank, swimming away like normal fish, but as soon as u approach the glass, they seem to acknowledge your presence using their peripheral vision & giving you a shrewd look, just in case.

So there I was, like a fish, with a shrewd look on my face, my left eyebrow making funny movements & my heart even funnier & on a full panic mode I found the link. It was like a final showdown, like the ones we have in video games. We fight all the small buggers & at the end there is this huge & weird looking final monster boss we have to fight with. “THIS IS IT”, I said to myself. “Make or break dude”. I punched in my roll number & waited. In a bout of desperation & tension I forgot to click on the GO button which would take me to my result. It should have been an instinctive action, but I never did it & I was waiting. I felt sweat on my left cheek coming down from my brow & several seconds of agony & anxiety went by. I thought it was all over, its taking time, its not happy that I failed, its a disgrace, a shame & after all these thoughts I just happened to glance at the status bar of my browser. DAMN. I realized what I hadn't done & clicked GO. The sweat vaporized, my heart started beating even faster but this time with a happier beat rather than fear. My eyebrows restored to their shape & form. There it was, Roll no. 268 Passed with First Class, Congratulations !

BOOM, ignition & lift off. I was on the moon. I just felt my left foot leave the ground, it was anti gravity. I finally found that true moment of solid true happiness, it won over all the crap. This was the adrenalin shot I had been waiting for all these years. Although I was a graduate, the first thought that came to my mind was about Matunga, the katta, the fun times, the food, the hangout central. The second thought, college canteen, very pathetic but we had our good times there as well. Third thought, never tried to knockout my BSc IT coordinator....huge amount of regret there. Almost immediate but fourth thought, finally got away from my campus. The nightmare was over & I can see some sun shining through the monsoon clouds.

Almost instantaneously megalomaniac thoughts started to flow through my mind. Thoughts of future & some crazy shit. Whole 3 years of my graduation flashed before my eyes, first day, first hangout, first Matunga experience, first everything. If someone would have told me that I would feel nostalgic after my graduation a few days ago, I would have ripped off a few teeth from their mouth, but as the unthinkable was happening right before my eyes, I was more than glad to graduate...

I think i am getting a tattoo on my upper back tomorrow that says, “GRADUATE AT LAST

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