Monday, June 26, 2006

Blogger's Delight

Absolutely amazing morning for a blog. I wake up & I start counting how many diverse thoughts are running through my mind. As I count, they continue to append to the existing thought chain. Felt ecstatic to see through a morning so clearly without having to force myself to think over 3 cups of tea just for the heck of it. So here I was, sitting upright on my bed with the mattress accumulated to south of the bed & I was thinking of something beyond the usual morning cup of tea. I was on my way to thinking of arty farty stuff like a 'better tomorrow' or a 'better today' & occasionally about 'betterment of humanity' & that sort of stuff. There was no particular reason, just sitting there thinking. Probably it was the after effect of getting to watch the Canadian GP last night. It was after many months of shitty loadshedding & dreadful class schedules, I was finally able to watch a Live Formula One broadcast, & what a race it was ! I was on the edge of my seat for 30 out of 70 laps which is fairly good for a F1 at-the-edge-of-my-seat kind of race.

So here I was, sitting on the edge of my bed, contemplating on this amazing positive feeling. I remember the last time I felt this way, was after my std X result. Wholesome satisfaction was brimming on my face. I wasn't smiling upfront but felt like I was. Same feeling, although this time, there was no graduation result to kill the mood. I couldn't amass this feeling, joy for no reason was out of the charts lately. What happened ? I wasn't even in love (smiles).

Over the wash basin, looking at myself with my chaotic morning hair & a toothbrush in my left cheek, I was thinking. It suddenly dawned on me. Past few days had been miserable. I hadn't done anything substantially productive to feel even a tinge of satisfaction. But the Sunday was like never before. Not only was it productive, but also lively. I never imagined being so cheerful without an adrenalin shot on my arm. Friday & Saturday, were the dullest. Couldn't fix up my cousin's PC problem (frustration begins). It wasn't my inability as such, but was a problem with the hardware that pissed me off. So a day with nothing productive to chew upon. Saturday, the most dreadful time of my life. Like those days when some event occurs that blows the day lights out of you. Like those days which Nostradamus predicts will be the 'day of the Apocalypse'. I had almost lost my trusty old hard disk (which, as it turns out had my entire books collection, my entire music collection & apparently some wonderful memories, as it was my very first hard disk). Been to a friend's place, connected my disk to his PC (everything by the book) until his PC had some different plans in mind. It decided on its own to format my hard disk & one of my friend's drives as well. It was like a 'ghost in the machine', a device which wasn't made to take critical decisions like playing with other people's hard earned data, had taken things into its own hands. Both me & my friend, felt like throwing punches at each other (mainly because it was my hard disk he blamed, that did the damage & his PC which I blamed him for). We both took it amazingly well, its like losing a limb or finding a rod stuck in the calf of your right foot. You don't feel the pain immediately, but over a period of a day or two, the wound swells & it hurts like theres no life on mars.

After that deadly weekend retreat, I decided to leave my disk at his place & look out for solutions to get my data back. Sunday it was, that showed me the answer. I brought the disk at my place, connected it to my PC and.....bloody hell, data was intact. It was one of those times when my jaw open 10 cm wide in all directions possible calling all my facial muscles into action. An amorous feeling went by me. I was totally aroused by finding all my books & music intact. It was one of the greatest things that happened on any given Sunday of my life. Phew... I said & wondered how things can go so outta hand. Still felt sorry for my friend though who still might not have found his lost data back. Another dubious action that makes you feel that machines, after prolonged human contact, can become as unpredictable as their masters.

So a bright Monday morning with a lot to think about, what's better that not having a weekend hangover ???

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