Tuesday, May 30, 2006


When you have tumbled upside down or downside up for a long enough time, you lose the sense of space. Everything feels the same, your brain adjusts to the new found reality & makes the body acquainted with it. This is what I call “The Tumbling Effect”. Maybe thats why human beings of all other animals are more adaptable to

Our body sheds several million cells everyday, but does our brain shed precious brain cells too? Does it make new ones at the same rate as they are shed ? I suppose my brain has shed my cells of accountability & has forgotten completely to rejuvenate them. Being in the same state of mind for so long has put me in the tumbling effect. Its one of the most disastrous things that can happen to an individual. To end up in a dead lock even though you have a clear path defined ahead of you.

In a moment of madness I want to believe in the uncertainty principle which allows me to say that life cannot be accurately understood. I take pleasure in hypothesizing that everyone around me is as clueless or even more than I am, about life. Although
humorously put forward by Douglas Adams in his book, The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy, that the answer to life, the universe & everything is “42”. Deducing with my logic, I can say there is a specific amount of reality in that answer. Apart from the humor, the answer to life, the universe & everything cannot be found out even if
we have the best technology of our times. Its not exactly discouraging but it means that we should try harder. After all in the book, it took that super super computer 7 Million odd years to find it. So the answer being 42 indirectly implies, go home, mind your own business & work on your dreams. But thats just me.

Another fantastic approach can be found in the Occam's Razor. This is rather interesting. According to William of Ockham, who was an English Logician in the 14th Century, said that, 'Any explanation should be based on minimal number of assumptions'. This theory is widely used in economics & even stock markets. Also can be easily applied in finding the answer to life. If we consider the most important events in our lives, which is another difficult task to classify, we can actually deduce a pattern to how far our life can swing in the future if everything remains in order. So assuming that we have led a healthy & contented life ever since we were born, we can rule out the element of shock from our lives. But this can be very discouraging, because it can cripple our ability to dream big.

So even after applying some of the most important theories of our times, although accurately or probably inaccurately, I am still waiting for my brain to make the choice of which theory to follow. It's still as clueless as before & still shedding more cells of accountability. So in my opinion I think I should get back to sleep &
dream BIG ;).

Song for the moment: Avril Lavigne - Complicated

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