Thursday, February 02, 2006


How many hours of sleep is medically recommended to keep us active all day long? It’s a really important issue to discuss & a matter of serious debate for insomniacs, who still get up early in the morning to go to work. Its an understatement to say that they wake up early, as they sleep so late that its already early in the morning. Whatever, lets get back to the issue at hand. Its been clinically proven, many say, that about 8 hours sleep a day can keep you active throughout the day. By active they mean that you won’t think about sleep till the end of the day.

Its kind of weird to see that in today’s hyperactive world, sleep has become a luxury & not a necessity. Although various sleep models & patterns exist today, the most widely used one is the 6 hour model. I used to follow this model on normal weekdays. Sleep at 12 get up at 6, done. But lately this model has been shattered. It has been broken down & re-modeled. Its been 3 years now since I have stopped keeping track of my sleeping pattern. Its of no use. I usually sleep late, reasons being reading, movies, chatting, studying, reading again & so on. Countless number of hours of my day are spent in front of the screen. I say occupational hazard, but deep inside, plain addiction. My computer has become more than a machine to me. To say it artistically, it has become a part of me. The moment I feel sleepy it somehow knows & it suddenly brings something up on the screen, which engages me for hours.

Reading books on the screen, studying online, googling weird stuff & deriving pleasure out of it (SICK, I know), are some of the common activities I’ve been doing since I got a PC & an internet connection. Although my habit of cuddling up with a hard copy of some book still hasn’t diminished, I occasionally spend time off screen with a book. So now, if I sit down & calculate my actual sleeping hours, all it boils down to is 5 hours a day. Now isn’t that medical marvel? I know its not. But 5 hours a day completely keeps me in a deserted corner of the insomniacs’ hall of fame. Don’t be shocked to read that there are insomnia underdogs. So how does this keep me active to think rationally, to be on track, to imagine, to be creative? The answer is pretty lame but complicated. The human body constantly adapts to changes around it. In fact it’s adaptation rate is so rapid that we hardly notice it. Similarly my body has adapted to this sleeping pattern & is comfortable with it.

Its really important to increase our productive hours & spend less time in sleeping. Although sleeping keeps you fresh it also gives incentive for your competition to go ahead. It doesn’t mean we should deliberately deprive ourselves from a good night’s sleep, but it implies that we should develop sleeping patterns to cope up with our work pattern. Now for instance, you all know we have power outages in dombivli since the past 2-3 years. But lately they have agreed upon a schedule & they stick to it. This schedule cuts my most important working time, which is mostly on my PC. So I have circumvented their pattern & designed my sleep pattern around it. So whenever they cut the power I sleep & when the power comes back on, I am online again. It’s a really productive idea since I spend most of this idle time in sleep. Keeps me fresh. This has increased my online time & study time as well. Now I don’t need to get tied down due to fatigue or lack of sleep or even worse, dark circles :D.

Some dead guy once said:
“Life is something that happens when you can't get to sleep. “

How apt is it! It can’t be denied that when you are asleep someone on the other side of the globe is working, doing stuff that you do when you wake up. This is an ultimate killer for any workaholic. In ancient Japan, they used sleep deprivation as a torture technique (Trust me when I say, it works). Now, to sum up the really evil effects of lack of sleep.

  • Hallucinations
  • Constant headache
  • Anorexia
  • Constant paranoia

& some really crazy shit.

Not that I suffer from these symptoms as I sleep enough to keep me sane. But a person can & that’s why its not a good idea to play with our bio clocks. The moment this load shedding schedule at my place changes I will feel a huge amount of pain to revamp my sleep cycle.

So before I go to bed, would like to quote:

If a man had as many ideas during the day as he does when he has insomnia, he'd make a fortune. -– some other dead guy.

Song for the moment: Billy Joel - River of Dreams

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