Friday, January 27, 2006

The Canteen Phenomenon

Of all the days spent in my college, I’ll definitely want to make note of a few. About 55 – 60 % of my three year education @ my college was spent in the canteen, thanks to my brilliant & amazingly f**ked up professors. Well not that I’d have actually made anymore productive use of that time other than having wonderful conversations with my friends. But it feels kind of sad to waste all that time at a place that doesn’t even serve good food, except for that brilliantly made Dahi vada & Sabudana wada.

Anyway, as the matter of food came in, there are a few places I went to during my college years & still am looking forward to continue going there. One of those amazing places is Mani’s at Matunga. Its really hard to imagine how my udipi life would have been if I hadn’t been at Mani’s. Its really hard to imagine, trust me. The amazing idli vada chatni, I dream about this stuff. Its freakin amazing.

Another place worth mentioning, which according to me serves the best masala paav in Mumbai ( I am not exaggerating, am I ? ). Its DP’s (Durga Parmeshwari or something like that). In the same building as that of Mani’s but on the opposite side. Again you can hardly imagine the taste of masala paav there with a view to die for ;).

Coming back to my miserably boring canteen, the worst thing there is about my college canteen, apart from the perpetual company of flies, is its murals. Totally rubbish, I could have painted a better one. You will literally feel like throwing your plate & spoons on the wall when you see it while eating. Anyway, another thing worth mentioning is sudden increase in the price of Mangola. That drink was heaven until its price rose twice. Anyway, it is a really noticeable fact that there aient no crows on my canteen ceiling. What I mean to say is, my college is plagued with crows that somehow have developed some grudge against me. Its been 5 semesters in that place & not one semester has passed without a crow shitting on my shoulder. No where else , but precisely on my right shoulder, again n again. Well these crows don’t come to my canteen & I’m more than glad about it.

Its so splendid to write about a place you hate so much that you can actually throw up if someone would just mention its name. Maybe I’m passed that syndrome & maybe I’ve accepted that there is nothing that can change my current position. Anyway, I wasn’t even trying to change it in the first place. A guy can feel a little difficult to breath in such a chic devoid environment, you really cannot breathe in that place. Rabid dogs move around, rabid professors too. Maybe that’s all part of the fun. Its so sick that I’ve actually grown through it & this is going to help me face any kind of irritating experience in my life, as there is nothing more irritating than my college, to say.

So of all the time spent there, I wish for just one thing. Not good professors, not good chics around, not good industry exposure, not a conducive environment to study, not a crow free skyline, not fly free air, not cleaning up those wadala slums, not more frequency of the 110 bus, not the smell to ward off, but I would like to wish for a better canteen, after all, 60 % is not a small amount of time, is it?

Song for the moment: Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill

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