Saturday, December 22, 2012

New Project Announcement

The Why:
From the past few months I have been putting together a new project. The content of this project is very dear to me. It has made a tremendous difference to the way I have started to look at things. 

The past few years have made me realize that my ability to learn new things & use them in my day to day life has started to peak. Normally I would enjoy myself at this peak & look back at my achievements. But this time I was not so satisfied at what I had achieved. 

The speed at which I have been consuming knowledge (content) has steadily risen over the past decade but the speed at which I process this knowledge hasn't changed at all. I thought that in order to maximize what I learn from what I am absorbing I need to change the way I work. I cannot use the same techniques which have proved to be ineffective in the past & expect different results.

The What:
So I started on this idea of learning how to be more productive & effective in learning what I want to learn & finding ways to make it easy to apply in my day to day life. This is way more difficult to implement than to put in a sentence. I have barely scratched the surface of any potential gains I can reap from this idea.

So my desire to learn ways to be more effective in learning & applying my knowledge has led me to a point where I wish to share the philosophy & involve a more engaging discussion about the ideas around Productivity & how to really use it as per our individual needs.

There are productivity Apps, Productivity Techniques & Systems, but no process to connect these ideas to our specific needs. 

After all a tool used for the wrong purpose can't really be effective.

Hope this project gets good feedback & encourages us to think together about Productivity from a different perspective.

The Where:
You can access this project on my new blog here.

It is called NonDump.

The origin of the title is as ambiguous & as mysterious to me as it is to you. But the moment I used it for the blog, it seemed catchy & short enough to remember. So it stuck.

Now What:
If you wish to leave any feedback or suggestions do contact me through the new blog or just share your comments here.

Or you can reach me at

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