Sunday, July 11, 2010

Building the Nest

My empty room, waiting to be rebuilt

This is amazing I thought. I always imagined this moment to come a lot later in my life. Here I am, staring at the empty room which was once my 'Den', my "goto" place in times of despair, my "sleepover-pad", the place where me and my buddies had shared a drink. My Bedroom, this word had lost some of its meaning now.

I am staring over the empty space, littered with dust balls trapped under the furniture which was once my bed. My launchpad for the day, from where I used to bounce out of every single morning. The bed - moved, the computer - moved, all my books - moved, the guitar - moved, the huge map of the world - moved, my chair which is as old as I am - moved. All these things had meant something to me, just me. But now they will re-enter this room meaning something to somebody else as well. She will occupy this space along with me, starting on a journey we both are amateurs at. It seems more like two amateur pirates on a deep sea voyage, the bed - our ship, the covers our sail and we both as captains of this ship (each wearing an eye patch on the opposite eye, just for effect).

But here I am, in this room. 25 years is a long time - its one term cover for my life insurance. Really huge time. But it just feels like two seconds ago. Wow, I am going to be with her for ever and ever. How much is forever when you can't even feel how long 25 years were?

Standing in this room, I feel more like a bird. Before he gets his girl, he has to build a nest. The nest symbolizes his vitality, his ability to provide a secured shelter & his willingness to court. I didn't quite look at it that way when I was clearing my room out, for the decorators. Its just that, after watching the empty room, my evolutionary sense of building a nest emerged out of nowhere. Its an amazing feeling, I almost felt like bringing down a brick wall and re-building it with my own bare hands.

Song for the moment: Sigur Rós - Fer


Teca, Steff, Stefani said...

nice picture and nice post!!

jayant said...

Wow. I did not realise that I was 1.5x One Term Cover....Thanks for making me feel old. :-)

BTW, really well written post. It brought out the poignancy as well as the inevitability of "change".


Raunak said...

@Teca: Thanks for reading. Loved your site, wonderful template & the picture (front and center) - although I don't read Spanish so wasn't able to read through much. But nice blog.

@Jayant: Thanks for reading, this change, I am really looking forward to :)