Sunday, February 21, 2010

My Woody Allen Moment

My Woody Allen Moment
These are the big glasses I found on the streets of Fort, Mumbai. I instantly decided that this is something I'd love to wear when I'm 40.

It's not the glasses that made me feel older. It's the idea that if I'm not as crazy at 40 as I think I should be, then probably I wouldn't buy them then.

Maybe it means that I don't mind thinking that I'm crazy when I'm not, but to know that I'm really crazy when I 'really' am, would be a totally new experience :-D


yashada said...

OK I didn't get any of that crazy shit, but the pic is fundoo!!! :) :)

akshayxpear said...

naice..:) :) keep uploadin d cool stuff

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Anonymous said...

freaking crazy.

dream said...

Hiee.... u looking smart!!!!

Raunak said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

@yoyo: I was planning to imagine myself with a mid life crisis, so you know what it means now - really it doesn't mean anything and can be safely ignored :)