Monday, June 16, 2008

Crimson Tides

I heard the familiar splash against the wall, the trickle of satisfaction flowing freely across the paint surface. The man with the paintbrush disappeared at the end of the staircase leaving just a shadow & his art work on the wall. There it was, that crimson feeling we call....actually we don't call it anything at all. But I would love to call it some sort of an artwork. Even the creators of CSI couldnt replicate that splatter detail.

The anonymous painter, left his mark & some of his DNA on the wall. I wonder what was going through his head, murder, despair or just plain "aim & fire". All this makes me feel that people should actually stop treating every place they go as their home. No offense, I know if they make believe every place to be their home, its good for the whole brotherhood aspect, but there are just some places where you 'cannot' under any insane circumstances scratch your crotch, blow your nose, worse, dig it & actually enjoy it, burp loudly on a stranger, put a towel or a handkerchief in your shirt to wipe the fruits of an honest day's labour or leave an impressionistic motif on the wall or even easier just throw whatever you don't want to throw in the dustbin; in the middle of the street. Its not just wrong, its the new "in" thing.

Imagine..... if everyone thought that the whole world wasn't there home, wouldnt they think twice before doing all that. Wouldnt they wonder if, someone's watching!!! I know, the Municipality have been trying to induce a sense of homeliness through their massively unsuccessful campaigns to treat the city as your home & don't litter et al, but all this has resulted into everyone actually stealing away those cute green lil dustbins off the street corners. Anyway, thats all that. But these modern day picasso's aren't really content with just painting the walls. There is this sudden wave of creativity & artistic genius which happens to put them in a state of rapture, that they overflowww this town with a crimson tide.

And then there are these other things, which I wont use to decorate my blog. Well, with this sad sickening note, allow me to wish all these impresarios from the bottom of my bowels....

"Let the juices flow"


YY said...

really GOOD post!

ADU said...

Love the way you put it!

Julia Scissor said...

I had to explain to a Spaniard friend that some walls in the city had God pictures on them not for religious reasons but because Indians will never spit (or do other 'inappropriate' activities) near such a picture. Sad.