Tuesday, August 15, 2006

When we miss the window...

I was staring at the ceiling today after the most heavenly evening of my life. During that cold stare at the paint cracks I realized, why isn’t everybody successful? Apart from the very diverse definitions of the word ‘success’, why can’t everyone do well with their lives?

Thinking on the same lines I felt that there must be that ‘one’ thing that keeps this distinction amongst people. Is it “opportunity”? I call it the “window” or even the “next turn”, but it sure does make sense. The only successful people in the world, no matter how smart they are, they will all tell you that the reason for their success, isn’t brains, isn’t people, isn’t influence, but opportunity. In this sarcastic journey called “Our time on earth”, we ought to believe in opportunities more than we believe in god. They are equipped with a v12 Ferrari engine & you would never know when they passed by you till you get caught in their slipstream.

So how do we get to ride this Ferrari? Anticipation doesn’t work as we never know when its going to arrive. Day dreaming doesn’t work again because it isn’t meant to work in the first place. Security alarms & cameras might sound the possible answers but the answer is “time management”.

I thought, my example would be the best to accommodate the entire concept of missing the window. This is surely going make my guilt sensors fire up.

Here I am with a year in my hand, with which I can make a difference in my life. A conclusive difference which will serve me till I die. A difference that will make me successful. But all I do, all day long, is dream. Dream about what I could have been, what I am supposed to be, what have I been through, why have I been through & finally my personal favorite, sleep. So this is my opportunity, this is my stage where I can make them scream for an encore. But all I am upto is nothing. The nothingness is definitely going to prove my missed opportunity. I have 24 hours, I don’t use them & by the end of the day I sulk in my own worthless thought chain about how I could have used this time for me, for my goal, for my window.

So I think this is why everybody isn’t successful. Only those who have the balls to face that oncoming Ferrari @ 200 miles per hour, becomes successful.

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yashada said...

hmm, so it looks like u too are suffering from the same thing aditis suffering from...