Saturday, May 13, 2006

Top Reasons Why India Rocks

As we all know by now, that India is projected as a 'rocking' nation by the very own civilians of a beautifully huge nation, named ?? Well this wont come as a surprise to you, but the answer there is India, also there wasnt even any need to ask the question in the first place.

So getting down to business...

I have been contemplating about a few things that occured to me during my stay on planet Earth, which most importantly includes the country called India. What I have been doing all these years is try to understand what makes a country a better place to live in, not really my area of expertise, but I deduct that a nation becomes "great" by the people it keeps. Believe me, "keeps" is the right word. After reading this blog entry, any sane Indian will unanimously agree with the rest of the nation that I am not fit to be here.

So the most important observations of all time follows:

India Rocks Because.... cannot provide basic infrastructure facilities like "ELECTRICITY". When I say 'cannot provide' I literally mean that & nothing else is left to anyone's feeble imanigation. Its not like they dont want to provide, its like they cant, u know, sometimes u cant, its the same.

......7 out of every 10 Indians feel that its perfectly natural to spit on the street or any other place of public usage which will not be cleaned inspite of their salival attempts. Instead of having prohibitionary laws against spitting , 70% of the nation believes its their birth right to spit at any place of strateginc importance. For instance, Local trains, any clean sidewalk with no divine illustrations, corners of buildings & the last but not the least "do not spit here" signboards.

......3 out of every 10 Indians believes, I mean, honestly believes that it is OK to Shit & Piss on rail tracks, road sides, gutters & ofcourse outside my College building. It is a splendid view believe me.

.....basic (school level) education in this place is a joke (not counting CBSE & ICSE boards & I am aiming at the Maharashtra State Board alone as I dont give shit about anyother board ). I am glad that those numbnuts came up with this idea to think about providing Math as an optional subject at high school level, BRAVO. What else do u want screw ?? The mugg culture thrives in places like these & no wonder through which window does the creativity & originality go out !! Really dont want to unfurl the situation at graduation level...its so sad that it becomes sarcastically funny to see your brain cells dry up in your cranial cavity.

.......roads. Do u really expect ??

.......we cannot forget something so beautiful as reservations at PG level. A lot has been said & heard so I wont provide my totally-pissed-off opinion.

......amazingly political reasons for which the country cant keep track of the people below poverty line & has to insanely live on the hope of NGO's. (Correct me if I am wrong, I Mean it)(Besides I dont hav any right to say anything about the government or the politics in India as I choose not to Vote & put a person in Power becoz of that one vote of mine who I think believes in all the above things mentioned & chooses to forget about them.

......the people who are extremely patriotic & believe that religion is everything. Would like to hold each of them in my bare grip & blow some sunshine up their religious asses. Its amazing how people in India can kill so many on religious motives.

......people who want to say that I am wrong at noticing these "minor" faults & not seeing the big picture. BIG PICTURE MY ASS.

......use of petroleum products is done so irresponsibly & can be easily blamed on the condition of roads, traffic congestions & above all those mindless hawkers. Please care to join me on a ride to the suburbs of mumbai to enjoy the amazing expanse of the hawker breed. I know they need to feed their families too, like I give a damn when you block my street !!!!

** All the statistical data mentioned above is based on pure observation, if you arent convinced then please refer rail tracks from 0700 Hrs to 1000 hrs for details. ALso dont forget the "do not spit here" signboards.

Song for the moment: Divine Comedy - Gin Soaked Boy

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