Saturday, April 22, 2006

Yem-BA Blues

Was floating on for a while... I stumbled at the job openings link on its home page.

1) Website developer (graphic designing & usual web site programming stuff)
2) Journalist
3) Management Gurus (marketing stuff)

It was staring at me, constantly, untiring, no fatigue at all. I thought for a second, to which job will be the most suitable for my taste. I knew what programming had to offer, I knew what journalism at that place had to offer & so I did know what the marketing stuff was. Then it hit me point blank.
What was it that I was actually thinking about? In my Freud's subconcious I was wandering on the sidelines of the most deadlieast thought that had ever struck me since the last summer solstice. I was thinking WHY DOES EVERYBODY WANT TO BE A MBA?

4 out of every 10 undergrad people I know will say that "I want to be an MBA after graduation". One identity out of my own also says the same sentence(verbatim), repeatedly, when I look at the mirror every morning. Whats in it ? Why is expanding & hiring more brains ? Why ?

Its been almost 3 years since I asked myself, "WHY?".

Something about As I see it, its a forum for the latest & the best MBA culture & B-School info out there. They were a small community 3 years ago. Here's a snippet from a blog at -

" this forum was created about 3 years back with a sole intent to help people prepare for CAT, the MBA entrance exam in India. One of the hardest & toughest to crack of all the entrance exams, atleast in Asia!! And today it has grown to more than 50,000 members & there are a variety of discussions always going on.. from exams to careers to chit-chats! But it has grown to become a wonderful community where people have actually regained their faith in virtual world.. it is not one of those places where things happen randomly & people post s*** & get away with it. There are great moderators (ahem! like me..) who keep the sanity of the place. Today it has grown by leaps & bounds just because of the members who are always so willing to help out others. "

The jobs, programming happened, its as good as the dinosaurs to me. Journalizm on the other hand was something extraordinary. I read the job description on the site, which felt really good to read, with the constant presence of humour in describing a seemingly demanding & challenging job. This felt like something I can do, again I am thinking as if it was a passing thought.

So the question was still stalling. I clearly ignored it but it lingered on. WHY ?
I traced back, checked my wishlist...
Included: Fame, Fortune, Forbes List & so on. Is this why I chose to plan a managerial career ? I hope not. My wishlist is the most elusive of its kind for an aspiring MBA. Its exactly what a MBA is not about. One of my more matured & attentive identities often tells me that, you really have to empathize the cause. The cause ? Yes the cause to make a difference, the cause to make your own mark in the business world. The cause to follow the worldy practices & make ur high paying employer's company get a lead in the race or to throw the worldly practices out the window & define your own sane ones.

This sounds horrible to my ordinary identity, its not made for such high ambitions or rather dodging them ever since it was created. But thats jus a part of what being an MBA is all about. Theres a long list of views & opinions & a even longer list of arguements & allegations. But at the end of the day it boils down to the final showdown: MOOLAH.

I wont say that its entirely about the money, but yes its about the money as well. One of the prime battles in the B-School wars. Whose got the highest? Who's picked the finest ??

Out of all the conventional & more so non - conventional brains out there, how much of them actually hav the grey matter up & running ? Is it just a difficult appitude test we go thru or is it a complete transformation in oneself. Do those 2 years (hopefully) at the B-School make you a good manager (of everything around u, in general) or does it teach you innovative ways to present yourself & sell yourself to your employer.

In this give & take of huge chunks of money, most of the people think in practical terms. ROI. Yes, the most feared word in the history of education . If ur degree doesnt give a good ROI then it isnt worth the effort, at all. In the race for ROI, B-Schoolers give their best, burn the extra engine oil & try to land up into a place that fulfills their ROI fantasies.

Is this what being an MBA is all about ??

Song for the moment: Oasis - Go let it out

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